Why Buy Handmade?

handmade small business

Supporting your local economy is so important and small business plays such an important role in building that!  There are a ton of reasons why we loving buying handmade and also why we love being a handmade business! 

Handmade products are made with a whole lot of love and a TON of hard work.  Just think about all those times you’ve gone shopping at your local farmers market or craft fair and have been able to find the perfect gift for someone!  There is SO much thought put into handmade items and that makes them have this special and individual “uniqueness” about them.  

As a small, handmade business, we spend a ton of time behind the scenes making just the right product for our customers and take pride in what we do. 


So what is it that you are paying for when you buy handmade?

 -time spent designing

 -creating and testing

 -sourcing ingredients

 -finishing and packaging

 -cleaning everything up after all the creating :P

 -connecting with customers

 -delivering and shipping out orders

 -attending markets and events

 -hours of failures

 -hours spent creating, experimenting and perfecting for our customers

 -long hours, late nights, stressful deadlines

 -photos, social media and engaging with customers

 -moments of absolute, pure joy

 -bonding with you, the customer

 -a piece of heart

 -a part of a soul

 -an opportunity to share in another’s creation


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We LOVE what we do and want to thank all of you who support handmade products and small business!



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