October Athlete Story- Ali Boudewyn

Ali Boudewyn of Meraki Wellness Solutions

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a small business owner (physical rehabilitation) who balances a life of work helping others with being a chronic illness warrior. I am an old soul and crazy cat mom who side hustles by making wool dryer balls (Tumblies), chunky wool blankets and driving old folks around. On the contrary,  I enjoy the thrill of riding my bike down a mountainside and testing how late I can stay up inventing things and writing sporadic sections of my future book.

Ali Boudewyn Tumblies - Wool Dryer Balls


What motivates you to stay healthy?

Fear of decline in health is definitely a reality of mine. Otherwise, physical activity and its natural endorphins keep me smiling and allow me to keep a clear mind. Healthy foods mean less pain. Eat good, feel good.

What is your occupation and what inspired you to pick this profession?

I am a certified Athletic Therapist, Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Sports Event First Responder. I own Meraki Wellness Solutions which is a physical rehabilitation clinic in the Westshore. I initially chose this career path because it combined my love for an active lifestyle, taking care of others, teaching and didn’t involve much math! I’ve always had a nurturing personality with a unique gift of healing hands. Having my own business was never in my plans but it developed organically and I’m incredibly happy it did.

Web: www.MerakiWS.com

Ig: @merakiwellnesssolutions

Fb: Meraki Wellness Solutions

What is something that you have done recently to help others?

I’m going to answer this one a bit unconventionally because my entire career is based on helping others. I recently started going to counselling and investing lots of time in self-care. How does this help others? Because you can’t pour from an empty cup. I’m much more grounded, open and ready for all that my clients bring to their appointments.

Can you tell us a little bit about your athletic background/what sports or type of fitness you do?

I grew up as a competitive gymnast, 20 hours a week of training until my body couldn’t handle it anymore. I’ve never loved (and simultaneously hated) a sport more. I currently mountain bike between flare-ups and do a lot of exercises alongside my clients in the gym.

Do you have a life-changing experience related to your athletic background/experience that shaped your future self or future direction?

Several! I was a shy kid and competitive gymnastics brought me out of my shell, taught me discipline, time management skills and kept me out of trouble. All the injuries made me realize that there a lot of physical therapists that don’t truly care- they simply told me to stop my sport. If I had the right therapists looking out for me I could’ve participated longer and more safely. Now I’m one of those therapists who deeply care and do everything in my power to keep people doing what they love.

What would you say to someone who is trying to start living a healthier lifestyle?

Listen to and trust your body. More often than not you know exactly what you need to do to be healthier. Sometimes you just need someone to confirm what you already know and then give you a kick in the pants.

What do you think the world needs most at this time in history?

Human connection. We’re all lonely together. It seems like everyone’s craving it but nobody is willing to take the risk to reach out. I have some elderly clients that I pick up for walks and they don’t give a hot damn about the exercise they just want to chat! Kids are the same- as soon as their parent leaves the room they talk my ear off for the entire appointment because they have the opportunity to be actively listened to.

Do you set goals? Will you share those goals with us?

Absolutely. My most laughable goal at the moment is to wash Ollie’s chin twice daily every day this week (he has cat acne, haha!). Goes to show you that I set goals for EVERYTHING.

Ollie the cat

What is your favourite Fit Balm product, and why?

The Bath Salts! I have a bath almost every night to wind down before bed. The salt and its scent is such a nice addition to the relaxation process. All of it balm’s products are fibromyalgia/autoimmune friendly!

Favourite… if you can list just one!

Podcast Channel: I haven’t fully entered the podcast world yet. I’m avoiding it out of fear that I’ll never read a book again. Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a current muse (all things health!)

Book or Author: A.A. Milne. Wrote children’s books (I.e Winnie the Pooh series) that are actually pure genius when you read deep enough.

Movie: My go-to comfort movies are Goodwill Hunting, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Holiday.

Snack Food: Sliced cucumber in white vinegar!

Article of clothing: My work pants. Plain black, fit like a glove, have bum pockets and don’t change shape or fade. If I ever find them again I’m buying 5 pairs! If I don’t...let’s hope I don’t change shape or fade ;)

Athlete: Emily Batty

Quote: My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style. - Maya Angelou

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