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Tyler Buck Anchored Athletics


Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I was born a dreamer and have remained a big kid at heart to this day.  Rule bending and challenging authority are a natural part of my DNA.

As a kid, my aspirations were to become a professional athlete of the same style and drive as those I saw playing in the English Premier League, Ruud Van Nistelrooy was my hero only second to my Dad.  Injuries have plagued me throughout the various sports I have set out to master, determination has become my "powerade". To say I am excited to pursue and achieve excellence in the CrossFit realms is putting it mildly.  My passion flows through the abundance I am learning about good health and nutrition and best practices to pass on this knowledge. The outdoors, our dogs, my beautiful partner Katie, world travel, my friends and family time are what sustains me.


What motivates you to stay healthy?

This question came up as our question of the day a few weeks ago and my answer is still the same. I am naturally a lazy person and I LOVE comfort. E ach time I exercise or eat well I feel as though I have accomplished something challenging which sets me up for success for the remainder of my day.  As soon as I start moving I love to exercise but for whatever reason stepping outside of my comfort zone is something I have always battled.


What is your occupation?  What inspired you to pick this profession?

I am a CrossFit & Nutrition Coach at Anchored Athletics in Duncan, BC.  I chose this path for two reasons. #1 My family, myself included, has always struggled with a healthy relationship with food, beverage, and exercise which has resulted in many adverse health conditions.  Three male role models in my life have passed away for various health-related reasons. Not only did this deeply affect me emotionally it got me thinking about what I can do to help and what changes I needed to make on a personal level.  How can I contribute and change so that unnecessary loss can be avoided as best as possible?

#2 I used to work in camp first as a laborer and then as a health and safety coordinator.  My job was extremely mentally demanding and required routine long days. We worked for weeks at a time and ate whatever was convenient.  My health was not at its best but I was still doing my best to keep it under control. At this time I had developed an interest in CrossFit and was coaching part-time during my downtime.  I wanted to make CrossFit my full-time gig. Skip ahead sometime and I was offered another part-time role at Anchored Athletics. I had a talk with my parents about the desire to pursue my dreams and wanted their blessing to quit a very lucrative job and trade it in for the unknown.  Not to my surprise, my mom said "go for it!" and to my surprise, my dad told me to "follow my dreams". Once I got the blessing from my dad I knew it was go time. I quit the old gig and haven't looked back since. What a great decision that has proved to be.

I am passionate about helping people make positive sustainable changes in their life and believe nutrition is the foundation for building an amazing life.  I accept clients from all over the world and would love to work with anyone that is seeking help.

To book a free Nutrition consultation with Tyler follow this link:


What is something that you have done recently to help others?

I am currently working on a fundraiser to benefit underprivileged youth in the Cowichan Valley, the organization is called Kidsport. I know how much of an impact sports have had and continue to have in my life and don't think money should be a barrier for anyone, especially in North America where we have such abundance.

For more information on The Rep-A-Thon 1000 check out our facebook page:


Can you tell us a little bit about your athletic background/what sports or type of fitness you do?

Soccer and Rugby have always been my favorites but I also have spent some time in Jiu-Jitsu, I used to have hoop dreams, and I love to try new sports regularly. Rugby was always the goal for me but I found concussions got in the way of pursuing it to a competitive level.  I now spend my athletic time pursuing CrossFit. I am excited to see where I can go in that realm and am just starting to realize my potential. Aside from CrossFit, I love to do yoga at home with Katie and our animals. Yoga is such a beneficial activity for the mind, body, and spirit.  Doggy kisses during Shavasana are awesome too. Katie and I like to do a fair bit of hiking and are planning some exciting trips once she is done school, can't wait for that. Another interest that has recently popped into my life is trail running. I follow a guy named Cameron Hanes who is a bow-hunter and ultra-trail runner.  Once my knee and ankle are at 100% I would like to challenge myself and put in some serious miles on the local trails.


Do you have a life-changing experience related to your athletic background/experience that shaped your future self or future direction?

Yes, most definitely.  When my Opa passed away that was a huge shock to my world.  It was the first time I had to deal with the real-life consequences of not caring for yourself.

Another massive one for me is the New Zealand All Blacks.  I have had the fortune of seeing them play live and I got to meet a few of the players.  These are ordinary down to earth people doing extraordinary things. Seeing that in person changed my perspective on athletics and life.  I highly recommend the book "Legacy" by James Kerr. That book changed me in a big way.


What would you say to someone who is trying to start living a healthier lifestyle?

Find people who inspire you, surround yourself with them, join a group, and believe in yourself.  Far too often we get caught up in the instant gratification/results driven world we live in. Health is a journey, not a destination so enjoy the ride and bring others with you.


What do you think the world needs most at this time in history?

This might sound kind of corny but I really think it's love and compassion.  Self-love is something I personally work on, it is a struggle, and I find the more I love myself the more I can help others.  Being compassionate means that maybe before you react to someone else's perceived stupidity or ignorance you take a second to look at the story behind the action, they are human and face struggles just like you and me.

Hopefully, at the root of love and compassion, a "healthier" world is born.  It's hard to sit down and eat poisonous food, refuse to exercise or to be horrible to others if you love yourself and exercise compassion.


Do you set goals? Will you share those goals with us?

I do set goals, I believe that is a valuable tool.  However, I do believe it is easy to sell ourselves short so I tend to set my goals really high.  I like it when they make me feel a little uncomfortable, easy is no fun.

Plan 2019 wedding with Katie, complete the CF Lvl 3 Exam, work for CF Seminar Staff, pay off my credit card, treat myself with love and kindness, regularly spend time in nature, heal my body so I can compete in CrossFit, regularly read and learn new things, continue comic book drawing.


What are 5 quick facts that your best friend would use to introduce you?

I've got two of those and I wanted both of their perspectives...


Big Heart

Easily distracted by shiny things

Animal lover especially dogs

Not very good with computers

Very family oriented, close with parents and siblings

Terrible singer

Very athletic and active


Very Dutch

Positive Attitude, very friendly and inviting

Loves foreigners and making them feel welcome

Loves Batman

Hard working and determined (unless it's physical labor)

Hates heights



What is your favourite Fit Balm product, and why?

I am really excited to try the Fit Balm deodorant. I have tried natural deodorants in the past and they did not do my stinky pits justice.


Favourite… if you can list just one!

Podcast Channel: Joe Rogan Experience - love it

Book or Author: Legacy By James Kerr

Movie: Hook or Ace Ventura When Nature Calls

Snack Food: Hawaiian pizza with bacon

Article of clothing: tie-dye boxers

Athlete: Richie McCaw


"Never, never, never give up."-Winston Churchill

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

"Aim for the highest cloud so that if you miss it, you will hit a lofty mountain." Moari Proverb


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