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Bailey Sparrow Coaching

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a bold leader, not afraid to shine a light on the areas that don't serve me. I started my first business when I was 20 years old. In that same year, I was elected to the board of a local entrepreneur society. I started my second business in 2012 (dog walking). I have been creating my own wealth, and have been self-sufficient since 2012. The lessons I have learned over the years in running my own businesses have been worth its weight in gold. In 2014 I got my first taste of the coaching world and I was hooked, I found my people. I have worked with coaches all over North America some that have been coaching for over 30 years! I am so excited for what the future holds.

What inspired you to pick your profession?

Being a life coach. Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone breakthrough their own limiting beliefs. Since 2014, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Helping others learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of the vision for their life. Nothing gives me more fulfillment in life than this work.

How do you stay in love with your health?

The feeling I'm left with, more energy, inspiration, a sense of feeling like I can walk with my head held high. I also allow support so the connection with others helps me to stay in love with my health.

What are 3 things you do daily that you feel are essential to your wellbeing?

Connection with others, being out in nature, and meditation

Do you set goals? Will you share those goals with us?

I set goals all over the place, I do it differently than most might though. I create a vision from having already achieved it, How I feel, how others experience me, and what transformations (breakdowns/breakthroughs) did I cause in order to be where I am now. THEN I create actions from that place.

My weightless goals are more about being able to play baseball and support my team and be able to fully show up.

My goal about having two business isn't about money (although thetas nice) Its about knowing myself to be someone who is unstoppable.

I have a goal of leading a TED TALK by 2024 ( which is living into the future of my leadership and having done the work on myself to be able to provide a talk like that)

What would you say to someone looking to live a healthier lifestyle?

GET SUPPORT, bottom line don't to it alone.

What do you think this world needs most at this time in history?

BUST up the stigma "suck it up and be a man". I Support men in leading from the heart and empowering women to see the power/self-love within.


Book: Just finished "The Practicing Mind" I quite enjoyed it.

Podcast: Anything on TED Talk or Tony Robbins

Exercise: Baseball and/or Crossfit with MOMO (lifting is the best)

Healthy food: Taco lettuce boats

Snack food: fresh berries/hard boiled eggs

Quote: "Whether you think you can, or you think you cannot - You are right." - Henry Ford

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Bailey Sparrow Life Coaching

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