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In today’s modern world we are all about simple, minimalistic living.  Clutter is our worst enemy.  We have become so busy all the time that weeding out the unnecessary things in life has become essential. Whether it’s our wardrobe, eating habits, furniture or beauty products we have come to realize that less really is more.  Quality over quantity is key.  Why would you want to have 5 different lotions on your bathroom countertop when you can have one that you can use for everything?  We have eye creams, face creams, foot creams, shaving creams and body lotions.  It’s a little overwhelming don’t you think?  Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that hard. 


Think of it this way, do you really think you should be putting something on your body that says do not use on face or eyes.  What the heck is in it that could do harm to your face?  Wouldn’t it just be so much easier to skip the first four bottles and just use one for everything?  The great thing about using natural products is that there are very few ingredients in them and zero chemicals or toxins so they are safe to use anywhere. 


The other great thing that most people don’t realize is that these natural products have many different uses!  Here’s a list of some of our products and some great alternative uses for them!



Our coffee scrub is made mainly as an exfoliant (it removes dead skin cells and smooths out skin).  It is also great to help improve circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.  But did you know that it is also great to use as a shave lotion?  The light layer of oil left on your skin after washing away the scrub creates an amazing and natural layer of protection on the skin that is perfect to shave with.  Also, from scrubbing away that first layer of dead skin it helps to give you a closer shave.



Just like in its name our muscle balm is a great, gentle way to relieve muscle pain.  It can also be used to help reduce inflammation in the joints including problems like tendonitis and arthritis.  It can also be used to reduce headache symptoms, all you need to do is massage a small amount into your temples and let it work its magic!



Our hand repair, of course, helps to heal rips and cuts on our hands but it can be used anywhere on your body!  It is great to help heal cuts, scrapes, burns, rips, acne scars, and stretch marks.  The oils in the balm have regenerative properties, which help to heal the skin faster and more effectively.  If you have calloused hands you can also use it to help them stay soft and moisturized, which will help prevent any tearing in the future.



Our sanitizer spray is good for exactly that, sanitizing.  It is alcohol-free which makes it gentle enough to use on cuts to help cleanse them before applying our hand repair balm.  It can also be used as a room spray or my personal favourite, a gym bag spray.  The essential oils in it kill bacteria, which helps to get rid of nasty smells whether it’s your shoes, gym bag or bathroom.  Plus it has a very light scent so you won’t be walking around smelling of alcohol or patchouli. 



As previously mentioned, our body butters can be used anywhere on your body including your face and around your eyes.  I have eliminated all other lotions in my house and use these for everything!  The coconut lime body butter is also great to use as a make up remover, just dampen your face, rub a small amount around your face and eyes and wipe away with a warm, damp cloth. 



Great for smoothing and softening skin but is also a great way to help reduce muscle pain.  The peppermint oil in the scrub gives a cooling sensation and works to soothe sore muscles and reduce inflammation.  All of our scrubs can also be used as a shave lotion after the scrub has been washed off.


I hope this information on alternate uses of our Fit Balm products has helped you and would love to hear any feedback you may have on other great uses you have discovered while using our products! 


Keep on living simply,


Creator of Fit Balm

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