June 2017 Athlete Story- Ally Boyce

Name: Ally Boyce

 What sports do you play/do and where do you train: Olympic lifting. I train at Anchored Athletics and with Siemens Weightlifting.

Athletic background: CrossFit for 5 years, I stopped CF 6 months ago to focus on weightlifting. Growing up I played soccer and field hockey. I also did a lot of running in my early and mid-20s. 

 What is your favourite Fit Balm product and why?  It is a tie. I love the Hand Repair. I use it daily to keep callouses in check and prevent tears, I also use it as a body butter and as lip balm :)

I also love the Peppermint Body Scrub! Great for sore feet and legs! Leaves my skin super smooth, best body scrub I've ever used. 

What motivates you to be healthy? I am someone with a lot of intrinsic motivation to train and eat well. Also, I love gains. Who doesn't love gains?

 Favourite healthy food?  Steak and eggs! With loads of veggies. 

 Favourite cheat meal? Pizza, fried chicken, chips, waffles to name a few 

 Goals and accomplishments? I'm training to compete in the 2018 Masters Pan Am Games for Olympic Weightlifting and maybe the 2019 Worlds.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself: We have 2 wonderful dogs (Indie and Mia). I spend my time outside of training taking them all over hiking, swimming and spoiling them. 

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