July Athlete Story- Curtis Juch

I have had the pleasure of working and training with Curtis up at his home gym Anchored Athletics in Duncan, BC.  Curtis is an extremely motivated athlete and a great coach, always learning and finding new ways to better serve his clients!  He will be competing at the 2018 Canwest Games, so if you are attending be sure to give him a cheer and a high five!  -Morgan 

Curtis Juch CrossFit Open Anchored Athletics

My name is Curtis Juch, I am 23 years of age and a fitness advocate. I grew up in Terrace BC, alongside the Skeena River. I love to be outdoors any chance I get exploring the Island any way I can. I love summer for the wide variety of activities I get an opportunity to do. My father passed on when I was 7 and have strived to be the best person I can be in memory of him.


I played hockey most of my youth up until grade 12, moved to the island when I was young and picked up soccer and football where I partook in those sports for 2 years before moving back to my hometown.


What motivates me to stay healthy?

I like to see progress on my own body and just the overall feeling when I wake up. I thoroughly enjoy compliments I receive from people I haven't seen in awhile. Being the best Curtis I can be every single day motivates me to push hard in every workout I do.


What is your occupation? What inspired you to pick this profession?

I am a Crossfit Level 1 Coach at Crossfit Anchored Athletics in Duncan BC. I chose this occupation because I love helping people accomplish goals they never thought possible. Helping people guide themselves in the right direction in terms of fitness and better nutrition habits and goals. For more information on CrossFit and how to contact me or to book a sit down with myself the link provided can aid with that. 



What is something that you have done recently to help others?

Recently I have helped half a dozen clients get there first double under and then some.  Every day I feel I help every member in one way or another.


Can you tell us more about your athletic background and what sports or type of fitness you do?

In the past, I have played several sports. Hockey was the biggest in that I was coached by my father up until his passing and continued to pursue that sport as long as possible. I also played T-Ball and soccer as well as football for a few seasons. Other than those I have listed I stay relatively fit by running, swimming a ton in the summer, hiking and going on spontaneous walks.


Do you have a life-changing experience related to your athletic background/experience that shaped your future self or future direction?

Big life changing event that transpired would be the passing of my father back in 2001. It shaped who I am to this day and will help me push to be the best possible person in the future. 


What would you say to someone who is trying to start living a healthier lifestyle? 

What I would say to someone trying to live a healthier lifestyle is that starting is the hardest part. Once you commit to it for the long haul it gets easier and becomes part of your routine. You start to feel and look significantly different. Heath wise you become less susceptible to diseases and other health related things that could come from not living a healthy lifestyle.


What do you think the world needs most at this time in history?

What I believe the world needs most at this time would have to be more healthy options out there in terms of food and drink choices. Most people get lazy with cooking and grab what is fastest and that happens to be fast food that is not a healthy alternative. Meal Prep is easy and saves time during the week for someone with a busy life.


Do you set goals? Will you share those goals with us?

Goals I have set for myself are to explore more of the island summer of 2018, travel at least once this year somewhere outside of Canada and the States. Currently in the Process of the RCMP application stage and hoping to get accepted this year. 


What are 5 quick facts that your best friend would use to introduce you?

1) Funny

2) Always goes out of his way to help others before himself

3) Outgoing

4) Loves to swim in lakes, rivers, and oceans

5) Kind Hearted


What is your favourite Fit Balm product, and why? 

My Favorite Fit Balm Product would hands down be the Hand Repair Balm. I ripped big time last year at the Canwest Games and with the help of Morgan and her awesome product my rips healed super fast and I got back to training a week later.


Favourite… if you can list just one!

Podcast Channel-  Wodcast Podcast

Author-  J.K Rowling

Movie- Jurassic Park

Snack Food-  Berries and Greek yogurt

Article of clothing- Shorts

Quote- "Live today as if there is no tomorrow"

Athlete- Henrik and Daniel Sedin (Currently retired as of this past season)

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