April Athlete Story- Josh Wood

Limitless Training Victoria
Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Hi, I'm Coach Josh. I'm a personal and online fitness coach working out of Limitless Training in Victoria, BC. My training paradigm revolves around the idea that what we do in the gym should directly relate to our real-life goals. If you're a rock-climber, runner, hiker, surfer, or whatever, your training should help you dominate that endeavour.

I moved to Victoria from Melbourne, Australia, just over a year ago. I have been working in health and fitness for almost a decade now, and before I was in fitness I was a massage teacher. I have studied fitness, massage, business, and completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine. I have been training in combat sports (such as MMA and Boxing) for 12-years now and competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Powerlifting. I like to think my varied background allows me to work with people from all walks of life!
What motivates you to stay healthy? 

Staying healthy isn't an option. I plan to get the most out of this life, and being healthy facilitates that. I also feel a strong responsibility to my client, friends, and followers to lead by example.
What is something that you have done recently to help others?

One thing I have been doing lately is polling my online followers about common health and fitness myths, and then explaining what the scientific literature says on the topic. This creates a lot of interaction and helps people make better choices for the health.


What are 5 quick facts that your best friend would use to introduce you?


1. Loves to be outside

2. Voracious reader

3. Health nerd

4. Likes to make facetious arguments

5. Always learning


What is your occupation? What inspired you to pick this profession? 


I'm Fitness Coach/personal trainer. I started training in MMA 12-years ago. This created a very strong interest in how the body works. From there I studied manual therapies, health science, and fitness. I can't see myself going back to clinical medicine because it is treated too much like a bandage. People don't want to make healthy changes and they would come to me for a quick fix. In fitness, people are ready to make changes when they come to me. I want to teach people how to make those changes and set themselves up for success.


You can find out more at coachjoshwood.com or @coachjoshwood

Can you tell us a little bit about your athletic background/what sports or type of fitness you do?


Currently, I am working on a barbell based strength program to regain some of my previous strength. I am always active in combat sports, predominantly boxing.


Do you have a life-changing experience related to your athletic background/experience that shaped your future self or future direction?


Every competitive experience, or injury, has taught me more about myself. These experiences have also made me want to help those who are also looking to push their limits, and test themselves; whether against nature or others.


What would you say to someone who is trying to start living a healthier lifestyle?


Research. Dig into the limitless information available to us, or get a coach you trust to point you in the right direction.



Do you set goals? Will you share those goals with us?


My goals are dynamic. I haven't set strength or performance goals this year. My goals are: Complete the Juan De Fuca Trail again. Complete the North Coast Trail, for the first time. Also, to maintain regularity with my gym training.


What do you think the world needs most at this time in history?


That's a big question. Honestly, people need to develop small, like-minded, communities that help them create an identity for themselves. People are losing their identities and it makes them feel lost. Health and fitness is one of those communities where people really feel at home and can define themselves.


What is your favourite Fit Balm product, and why? 

The Fit Stick Deodorant is the bomb. I've been through all the deodorants (natural and less so). This is the best one I've used for controlling the stink that comes with constantly working out and living in gym clothes.


Favourite Quotes:

" We must all either wear out or rust out, every one of us. My choice is to wear out. " - Theodore Roosevelt 

"Adversity introduces a man to himself." - Albert Einstein

"As long as you live, keep learning how to live." - Seneca

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  • Your Great-Great Grandma did wear out when she told me the Doctor told her spine had wear out I had hard time with that.

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