April 2017 Athlete Story- Adam Parsons

Name: Adam Parsons 

Sports you play/where you train: I play ice and ball hockey year around and in the summer months I play softball too. I'll basically play any recreational sport. As for training, I train at CFB Esquimalt following different programs from IG.

 Athletic Background: Growing up I played ice hockey as my main sport, soccer, and baseball in the summer times. I even did some track and field in high school to get a day off of school.

Favourite product: The Body Repair Balm. After 17.2, my hands took a major beating. I quickly contacted Morgan and after excessively using the Body Repair, I was healed up for 17.3! *(17.2 and .3 are CrossFit Open workouts)


What motivates you to be healthy? If you're healthy then you'll be able to hopefully live a longer life.  So I guess there is that. I just really enjoy being in the gym too, so it's also a hobby of mine too.

 Favourite healthy meal: Healthy meal.. well most of my meal prep revolves around chicken of some form, yams and broccoli. 

Favourite cheat meal: chicken fingers and fries.. either from 5th Street Bar & Grill or Gorge Point Pub. Hands down the best two places in Victoria for chicken fingers.

Goals and accomplishments: After just finishing my first CrossFit Open, I want to focus on my already known weaknesses and better myself. I've set out some lifting benchmarks to reach by the end of 2017 and also learn to handstand walk.

Random facts about you: Well for starters, not many people, if anyone calls me Adam, it's usually Ducky. I'm currently in the military and moved to Victoria in 2010 and I love the island. I've been doing CrossFit for approximately 6 months now. I've been interested in it for a while but was intimidated by the Olympic lifting portion. Since I've started, it's now the part I enjoy the most!

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