10 Tips to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

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This month we are going green and discussing how to live a greener, healthier life! There are many ways to do this so have a read below for all the details!


What does “carbon footprint” mean?

Your carbon footprint is technically how much C02 you produce as a result of your lifestyle. To put it simply, your actions and choices have an impact on the environment and the pollution that you contribute to. For more information on carbon footprint please visit http://www.takepart.com/flashcards/what-is-a-carbon-footprint/index.html


What are the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint?

 -a healthier environment around you

-cleaner living

-more organized and economically responsible

-support local green companies

-setting a good example for your family


Ways you can reduce your carbon footprint:


  1. Buy and eat local and in season foods: Buying local produce helps to support local farmers and cuts down on emissions created by transportation and shipping of goods from other locations.


  1. Recycle: This one should really go without saying, but please recycle anything you can, including plastics, paper, electronics and even clothing which can be donated.


  1. Buy from and support local, handmade businesses: There are so many amazing local businesses that we love and by supporting them you are cutting down on emissions created by transportation and shipping of goods from other countries AND supporting a person who is putting their heart and soul to what they do! :)


  1. Use green cleaning products: There are now tons of great green cleaning products on the market and there are very simple and easy ways to even make your own! Green cleaning products are less harmful to the environment as they are biodegradable AND safer to use around your home and family.


  1. Make the choice to walk, bike or take the bus whenever possible: One of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint is the use of vehicles for transportation. Make the choice to skip the car ride a couple of times a week, carpooling, biking, walking or taking the bus and save some money and help our environment J


  1. Use reusable containers: Ditch the plastic and use things like metal and glass water bottles, reusable food containers and beeswax food wraps (Smoky Mountain Apiary is our fav!).


Also- did you know that all of our containers are made of recyclable materials and all ingredients are natural and biodegradable?  We also ship our products in reused boxes whenever possible! Check out our products here.


  1. Shop with reusable bags: A small investment of a handful of dollars can give you all the reusable bags you’ll need for your grocery and shopping trips and carrying your things wherever life takes you ;)


  1. Insulate your home and use more efficient heating whenever possible: Cheap and easy things to do are installing weather stripping around your doors and keep all thermostats at an even temperature instead of lowering when you leave and cranking it up when you get home.


  1. Buy energy efficient appliances and recycle or donate the old ones: Using energy efficient appliances can cut down on your energy consumption can save you money and help the environment. ;)


  1. Compost your food waste: Luckily many cities are starting to implement this into your regular pick up and are making it mandatory. Composting your food cuts down on the amount of garbage in our landfills and that food waste can be broken down and reused.


Take the initiative in your life to implement some of these tips, share them with your friends and family and as a team, we can all help lower our carbon footprint together! :) 


There are a ton of resources listed below for information on the tips given here:

Composting: https://www.compost.bc.ca/education/factsheets/

Recycling: https://recyclebc.ca/how-to-recycle/

Making your home more energy efficient: https://www.greenhomeguide.com/know-how/article/9-ways-to-make-your-home-more-energy-efficient

Buying local foods: https://www.rebootwithjoe.com/benefits-of-eating-seasonally/

Beeswax Wraps: https://www.facebook.com/smokymountainapiary/

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